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Make an ubuntu live usb flash disk


To begin the process make sure you have these following items:

1. a usb flashdisk with at least capacity of 750 MB, i recommend 1 GB of capacity

2. a cd of Ubuntu (i recommended you to use version 7.04 or upper) or its iso files

3. syslinux

is a boot loader that operates off a Microsoft FAT filesystem (because most but not all usb flashdisk come with FAT filesystem). I recommended to use the later version (3.35 upper), because that will make our works more simple. You can grabbed it from here . Extract the archive (whatever kind of archive file that you choose to download). The executable will be in \win32\syslinux.exe.

If you use Ubuntu Linux, you can install it with

sudo apt-get install syslinux mtools

If you already have above items, then let’s the thing get started